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Year 3/4

As our finale to our 'Field to Fork' topic, the children chose a recipe that they wanted to cook.  This year, we chose recipes from other countries.  3/4 M made pizzas from Italy, 3/4 H made Chicken Thai curry from Thailand and 3/4 B made Chicken Fajitas  The children had a great time becoming chefs and really enjoyed tasting some of the new flavours.  
As part of our 'Field to Fork' theme, we invited a local farmer in to tell us all about his typical day and the produce that is grown on his farm.  We were fascinated to learn that many of the fields are used to grow feed for their animals as well as growing crops that go to market to provide the British public with produce.  Interestingly, Mr Tully's farm produce wheat for biscuit making and oil seed rape to make vegetable oil that we can buy in our shops as well as barley, hay and straw.  We were extremely lucky to get a guided tour of his tractor that he drove into our school playground.  All the children were very excited to be allowed to climb up and sit in the cab - it was a lot higher up than they realised. Huge thanks to Mr Tully for his time and knowledge.   
We were very pleased to welcome our local well-known chef and restaurant owner, Mitch Tonks.  We had written several questions to ask him about his childhood, early career and his inspiration so that we can write a biography about him.  We felt really inspired when he told us that he was determined to teach himself to cook and how his passion and hard work led to his success.  
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To start our new topic 'From Field to Fork', the children visited Occombe farm where they became chefs for the afternoon.  They worked in small teams to follow the recipe to make Italian Focaccia bread using tomatoes and herbs grown at Occombe.  The children enjoyed picking their own herbs to use in their bread.  They even washed up after themselves!  We were lucky to visit the Berkshire pigs while we were waiting for our bread to cook.  The children collected apples that had fallen off the trees and took them to feed the pigs.