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At Roselands, all of our children are musicians. We progress from EYFS, developing skills and knowledge in weekly Music lessons using well-resourced equipment.  Music is inclusive and all children participate in the lessons. 


Singing is important in Roselands. As well as singing in class, we have weekly Performance Singing Assemblies, to develop our technique and experience a range of songs and listening in different genres. Further development in singing is offered through Performing Arts club in which children strengthen their own skills, as well as having the opportunity to work and perform locally and nationally in groups such as Young Voices.


In class, our children experience a range of instruments, from tuned and untuned percussion, to recorders, ukuleles and violins. Music is taught regularly and lessons are supported through the Hub funded online music provider Charanga. This provides planning support and ensures progression from one year group to the next for class teachers. The subject lead monitors music through pupil conferencing, observations and discussions with staff. Assessments are recorded to ensure children are in line with Age Related Expectations against National Curriculum criteria. 


In years 3 and 4, the local Music Hub supports extra provision through Whole Class Ensemble Tuition funding. This is used to fund a professional keyboard player to provide continued provision in smaller groups. 


It is important that the children in Roselands develop as well-rounded musicians, focussing on solo and ensemble performance skills, as well as composition and active listening and appraising. They become adept at improving their own and others’ work through their listening skills. Children are regularly offered showcasing performance opportunities in school assemblies and with concerts to family and friends. In addition, they are coached in authentic career opportunity choices such as film score composing and music recordings.


As well as weekly music in class, children are given the opportunity to progress further through lessons with visiting peripatetic teachers. Lessons are offered on a variety of instruments and voice. Roselands also offers a variety of musical clubs such as samba band, School of Rock and flute club. 


At Roselands Primary School we teach art by following the National Curriculum and use a range of topics to support development of skills in drawing, materials, paintings, sculpture, digital media and architecture. Throughout each year at Roselands, children will have opportunities to explore different skills and progress from their previous learning. Our art often taught through links to our current theme if possible and will often focus on a specific artist. Through learning about different artists, this allows children to be exposed to different forms of art and can allow them to develop curiosity, questioning and expand their understanding of art and how it is created using different materials. Art is taught every half term and includes recapping on previous learning and practising skills based on each half termly skill.
At Roselands, we are passionate about teaching art as we believe it allows children to think creatively, work collaboratively, develop resilience and supports them to develop understanding about the world around them. Art can allow children to explore their ideas, expressive themselves,
communicate in a variety of ways and develop independence, problem solving and reflection skills.  Through art, children can develop skills in self- expression, develop their self- worth, self- esteem and confidence. All children participate within art lessons, both individually and in groups where collaboration is encouraged.
At Roselands, we encourage children to be proud of their work and allow opportunities for children to create finished pieces of work. These are often displayed within the classroom, corridors and sometimes get to be showcased at special events. As part of this, we have an art week each year which allows each year group to create pieces of art based on a theme and a specific artist. We then proudly display this work and encourage this to be shared with parents.
As a trust, we are currently working hard to achieve the Artsmark award which prides itself on how well art is taught and produced in a school. We believe in the importance of arts and would love to be awarded this as we want to show how important and respected art is within our school.