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Food for Life

For the last year, the gardening club has been busy growing a variety of produce that can be used in our school meals.  So far, they have harvested tomatoes, carrots, runner beans, potatoes,  beetroot, spring onions, courgettes, strawberries and raspberries.  Most of the produce has been donated to the school kitchen has been used in the children's hot meals and salad bar.  The rest of the school have enjoyed watching our vegetable patch blossom and many of the classes have learnt about plants though the work of the gardening club.  We are looking forward to some tasty pumpkins later in the month.  

Gardening Club produce used in our school meals

Septmeber 2018 ~ Bumper Harvest for our School Meals

First crop of strawberries and raspberries

April 2018 ~ Tasty potato harvest

As part of the ‘Food for Life’ project, the Gardening Club have been growing herbs for Mr Lennard to use in the school meals. This week we picked some fresh rosemary, oregano, mint, chives, parsley and bay leaves and gave them to the kitchen staff. We can’t wait to taste our fresh ingredients in our school meals this week.