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Gardening club 2016 - 2017

This year we planted two different variety of seed potatoes donated by the 'Grow Your Own' organisation.  They gave us the potato bags and potatoes to begin our growing journey. The children have really enjoyed learning about how potatoes grow and were amazed that three seed potatoes could produce so many potatoes when they harvested them in June.  They enjoyed weighing them to see which crop had the highest yield.  The Regional potatoes were larger but fewer, producing 725g of potatoes.  The Rocket variety produced smaller potatoes but weighed 875g.  Our school chefs cooked the potatoes separately for us to sample so we could see if there was a difference in taste before he served them to the rest of the school with their meals.  Most of the children preferred the smaller 'Rocket' variety as they were a little sweeter but both were most definitely enjoyable.  The gardening club loved eating their freshly harvested potatoes - fresh and local produce at it's best!

Weeding and preparing the growing bed in the quadrangle ready to plant our fruit trees.

Week ending 23rd September 2016.  This week the gardening club enjoyed harvesting the blackberries from our neighbouring field so that our school chef could use them on Monday in the apple and blackberry crumble.  Local produce at it's best!
The children in Year 2 planted some courgettes as part of their growing sessions in Science.  All term the gardening club have been tending to them.  When we returned after the Summer holidays, we were amazed with how incredibly well they had grown.  Mr Leonard will now use these in some of the school dinners