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Gardening Club 2017 - 2018

Summer time harvesting

Our gardening club was very lucky to get the chance to work with a local carpenter to make these beautiful bird houses.  The children enjoyed gluing and hammering the wood together to create these amazing homes for our native birds.  On the next rainy day, the children will get chance to decorate their homes to really brighten up our school and hopefully attract some birds for our whole school to enjoy.  Massive thanks to Dan for giving up his time to support our club.  

Making Bird Houses with local carpenter

The gardening club have worked extremely hard to get our new growing patch up and running so we can grow our produce.  Mr Tully (our local farmer) very kindly donated some manure so we could get the soil in good health for planting.  The children had great fun rake it in and getting very muddy indeed.  

Weeding and watering - our favourite gardening jobs!

Harvesting delicious Potatoes

Gardening club 2017 has already been very busy with harvesting some of the fruit and vegetables that we attempted to grow before the summer. Unfortunately, we were not able to harvest the quantity of produce that we were hoping due to the wildlife that also enjoyed our food during the Summer holidays.  We have been fortunate enough to pick some of the tomatoes  we grew and have given these to Mr Leonard for the school lunches.  Blackberry picking was also great fun and Mr Leonard will use these in his puddings for the school meals too.  


We are now busy getting the vegetable patch ready for the growing season and we will be planting bulbs ready to be enjoyed in the spring.