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Gardening Club 2018-2019

Well, it can be fair to say that the gardening club's hard work has paid off. This week our school dinners were made using the produce grown by us.  The cheese and tomato pizza was made using our delicious tomatoes and our carrots ended up in the tasty cottage pie.  The children love knowing that their food has been grown locally by the children in the school.  Can't get more local and fresher than this!



The gardening club had a great time harvesting some of our delicious produce this week.  Pulling up the carrots was their favourite job - it required a lot of effort but was well worth it to see the treasures that they found!   The children took some of their produce home and a box full has been given to Mr Leonard and his team in the kitchen to use for the children's school meals next week.  

Autumn term harvest