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Guided Reading

During guided reading lessons the children are taught to understand new vocabulary, as well as infer, predict, explain, retrieve and summarise.  These skills are taught through the study of a high quality, age-related text which the whole class access.  Part of our reading model incorporates 'Reader's Theatre' where the children have a range of activities in order to enable them to understand the text more deeply and perform it.  


Guided reading lessons offer many opportunities for discussion within the classroom so that the children can share their thoughts and ideas, developing their understanding of the text.  All children also answer written comprehension questions at least once a week to enable them to practise the skills that they have learnt.


Each year group has four dedicated Guided Reading lessons each week which follow the same pattern:

Day 1 - Vocabulary pre-teaching

Day 2 - Reading the text (or part of the text)

Day 3 - Reader's Theatre

Day 4 - Comprehension


We are passionate that our approach not only teaches the children to develop their fluency and comprehension, but also promotes a deep love of reading and books.