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Healthy Heroes

After all the children's hard work after the last few weeks, they put on an incredible event for their families.  The children planned, resourced, made and set up activities to teach their families about being healthy.  Their activities included a relaxation zone, healthy snacks, calorie games, food hygiene awareness, 10 minute fitness challenge, traffic light food game and positive mindset gifts.  The adults who came to the event all had a superb time and were impressed with the children's professionalism.  Many thanks for all who came and took part with such good humour and energy - you made it very special for all the children.  
The children in year 3 and 4 came together to discuss how we could inform our families about keeping healthy.  The children decided to plan an event where they would be able to share their knowledge and research with family and friends.  They have come up with lots of ideas and fun games that they are now busy preparing over the next few weeks.  We are looking forward to inviting our families in to take part in our Healthy heroes event.