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Welcome to our weekly blog.  The aim of this blog is to give you a brief outline of the learning that has been taking place in Literacy and Maths each week.  Any questions, please feel free to chat with your child's class teacher after school.

Week ending 15th March 2019




This week the children have been planning their fairy tale with a twist.  They have analysed the story structure of traditional tales and used this to plan their own story set on Dartmoor.  They have come up with some great ideas to make their characters' problems linked to coping on the Moors.


They have also learnt to use embedded clauses (adding more information within a sentence. Example:  The little girls, who wore the red coat, visited her grandmother's house.)

Speech punctuation has also been a focus.




The children have been looking at fractions this week.  Understanding what makes a whole and for Year 4s, working with more than one whole,  understanding improper fractions(where the numerator is larger than the denominator 5/3)  and mixed numbers, e.g. 4 and 3/4.  They have used equipment and drawn images to consolidate and prove their understanding.  


Fossils have been our focus in Science.  The children have looked at how fossils are formed and made observational drawings of fossils.