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Mega Maths Meeting

When we held our Maths Open Morning, we were thrilled by the

number of parents who came along to find out about the maths

that their children and grandchildren are learning. Many of you

were surprised at how much methods of teaching have changed

since you were at school and some of you indicated that you

would be interested in exploring how we teach different

methods of calculations at Roselands.


In response to this, we would like to invite you to a

 Mega Maths Meeting, where you can find out how your child’s

calculation skills will develop in 

each of the four operations (+  - x ÷) as they progress through

the school. This meeting will be held

at 5:30pm on Thursday 16th June.


Teachers and children will be on hand to help explain some of

the methods and demonstrate how practical equipment is used

to support their understanding.


There will be a creche available to look after children during the

meeting. If you are keen to learn more about maths in school,

simply complete the form that your children have brought

home.  Please indicate the number and age of children

who need places in the creche.


I look forward to seeing you.


Carla Glanville   (Maths Subject Leader)