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Update regarding last Friday

Dear Parents/Carers,


After the incident on Friday I thought it would help alleviate some concerns parents may have to give full details of what happened. The person seen outside the school at no point attempted to enter the school or interact with staff members. It looked more like he was doing a workout on the climbing frame which would explain why he was there.

Just as lunch started on Friday 18th a staff member could hear someone singing (rapping) aloud whilst on the climbing frame opposite the school playground. The lyrics were quite explicit and he seemed quite agitated; as a result we decided to only allow the children onto the field for lunch. We tried to approach him to ask if he minded not singing near the playground as we wanted to let the children out to play. However, as we approached him he walked away towards a footpath at the other side of the park. As he walked away a dog walker came towards the playground gate to inform us that she had seen a knife.


As a result the children, who were on the field, were taken back inside the school building and it was secured. The police were called immediately. It is worth noting that at no point did he try to engage with the school staff or at aggressively with anyone; this includes local dog walkers. From this point on he was no longer anywhere near the school site. However, through discussions with the police on the scene we kept the children inside the school building until they felt the risk was low. We changed the end of day routine to limit access to the school site as a precaution.


As with all schools, safeguarding the children is the number one priority and staff members are always alert to any unusual behaviour. We will be extra vigilant this week and make any necessary changes to routines if we feel they are needed. I totally understand some parents may feel very anxious this week but the children will be very safe.

If you have any concerns or questions feel free to see me.


Chris O’Connor

Head of School