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Stranger Danger in an Online/Offline World

At Roselands we're always keen to promote stranger danger in all of its forms.  Although the Internet has lots to offer (and we certainly don't like to be without it here at Roselands!) we know that we have to encourage children to use it with caution. Children are taught regularly about how they can do this through regular online safety sessions and our philosophy for children topics, as well as being interwoven throughout the rest of our curriculum.  However, it is not just the children's responsibility to know how to behave online.  Parents too have a responsibility to challenge their children and be fully aware of what their child accesses online.Our children no longer differentiate between an online and offline world and it is our job to understand this.  The issues that used to arise on the playground, now arise online.


The attached presentation offers lots of thought provoking ideas on how we can keep our children safe.  The big messages are TALK - create an open forum for discussion (even if it might be about an awkward topic) and PLAY alongside your children so you have an understanding of what their world (whether it be online or offline) entails.


If you have any further questions about how to keep your child safe, please contact our family support worker Sam Carswell or our Safeguarding Lead Sarah Pugsley.


Check out the Top Tips Presentation here:

Online Safety letter - April 2020

Attached below are a number of useful guidance leaflets.  If you find them useful, please share them with others.