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At Roselands, PSHE is delivered through our weekly SMOracy lessons and continues through every aspect of learning through our school values.


Our Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education learning and development is fundamental to the  children’s developmental journey, their understanding of the world around them and their recognition of their  own self-worth as a citizen. This is delivered on a weekly basis during SMOracy sessions where both oracy and PSHE objectives are the focus.  Where significant events in the world or local environment arise opportunities to learn from these are taken.  The three pillars of our PSHE curriculum are based around: Life in the Wider World;  Health and Wellbeing; and Relationships. We believe that we should cover all aspects of the statutory and non statutory guidance on the strands linked to PSHE to ensure all pupils are the most knowledgeable, confident  and self-fulfilling individuals that they can be. We aim for our children to know more, understand more and  remember more about themselves and the world around them.  



We aim to promote and develop the children’s personal development through a  whole-school ethos, class-based SMOracy sessions, exposure to new experiences and ideas, and personalised support  for individual pupils.  We help children to express themselves fluently and grammatically, as they explore the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural curriculum and engage in classroom discussions and activities.  We endeavour to develop inner discipline and encourage children to make up their own minds and be ready to accept responsibility for their choices and actions.  We use SMSC to encompass all opportunities for  personal development and include: PSHE teaching and learning; RSHE teaching and  learning; exploration of life within Modern Britain and our British Values; wider school  opportunities; community involvement; assemblies; RE teaching and learning; and recognition of significant national and global events and dates. We understand that  providing opportunities for the children’s personal development is absolutely vital for  their development, both academically and within their communities and wider society. We have a holistic approach to ensure that we support all aspects of the children’s development. We ensure children develop a knowledge and understanding  of themselves personally, spiritually, morally, socially and culturally.  Individual needs are responded to within our pastoral team and further needs are assessed and supported by our SENCO.  We have strong links with the Mental Health support team and can also make referrals to CAMHS.


Our Relationships, Sex and Health Education learning and development is vital in ensuring the children:  understand how to be healthy individuals (with regard to mental wellbeing and physical health); understand  quality and fulfilling friendships, families and relationships; have an understanding of the positives of the world  we live in and the growing influence of online platforms. We follow the Christopher Winter Project resource, a comprehensive scheme of work which has been quality assured by the PSHE Association.  We aim for all of the children to understand how to  remain positive, safe and forward-thinking both now through their school journey and to set these foundations for their future lives.