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School Closure Home Learning

Here you will find lesson guidance and resources that you could use at home to help support your child's education.


We will be setting formal work for the children on Google Classroom which is available through the Google Chrome app. 

All the children in Year 3 and 4 have their own Google Drive account through school and should know how to access this using their Google Chrome address and password that they use in school.  We have taught most of the children how to access Google Classrooms, however, we will add some instructions should they have missed this or can't remember.  


Each day, the children will be set a variety of tasks that will conoslidate their learning.  They can submit their work to us daily.


All the classwork set on this Year 3/4 Google Classroom is intended for all the children in Years 3 and 4 at Roselands. The teachers are setting work for all the children regardless of who is in their class. Any one of us, Miss Hocking, Mr Yard or Miss McDade will be setting work and dealing with comments.

Although there is a time limit set for the end of the day, your child can complete these whenever they like. We set the time to replicate the normal school working hours. However, you know your children and if they would rather do the work later in the day or on another day then that is your choice. We understand that many families have multiple classes and lessons to deal with - it has got to work for you so please don't worry if something doesn't get completed on time.

Please encourage the children to avoid private messaging as the teachers are getting a huge number of notifications which is taking our attention away from the genuine emails where parents require support.

If a parent needs support with anything, please use the class emails below

Many thanks for you continued support and we hope we can all work together to support the children to the best of our ability.

Miss Hocking, Mr Yard and Miss McDade