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Autumn Meeting


Monday 7th December 2020


Mr Brown, Olly, Sophia, Oliver, Bella, Harry, Sophie, Lacey, Millie

Discussion about ideas brought to meeting following class debate:

  • More free time - school council felt that children have adequate break and lunch times.

  • Mirrors in the toilets - Mr Brown didn’t know why mirrors were in the toilets.

  • Pets in school - School council felt that this was not appropriate to discuss during COVID 19.

  • School meals - portion sizes for older children, food choices, improvements in the dessert - Lacey and Tanzanite will discuss their concerns about school meals.

  • More play equipment - the school have just invested in new equipment for the school so this was decided to not be a good idea.

  • Furniture for outside - this was decided

  • Lockers - This was deemed too expensive and not essential.

  • Nature area - This was something which would be explored in the Summer.

Creating a legacy

Mr Brown explained that he would like the school council to create a legacy from their year as a school councilor.  An idea was brought forward to make the school more eco-friendly.  Ideas included making sure lights were turned off and improving how the school recycle e.g. making sure the right items are recycled.


  • All children will receive a notebook for their meetings.

  • Mr Brown will find out why there are no mirrors in the toilets.

  • All children to discuss with their classes about how they could make the school more eco-friendly.

  • Lacey and children from Tanzanite to speak to Paul Bates (CEO of Fresha) about the quality of food when he visits.