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School Council

Hi! We are the school council.  We were appointed through a democratic election by the whole school community.  We campaigned over the course of two weeks and shared our manifesto in an assembly. As a result, we won the pupil's vote back in September.  We are responsible for making the sure that the pupil's voices are heard. We try to act on all possible suggestions that we are given.


We'd like to introduce ourselves to you:

Olivia: I'm kind, caring, helpful, fun, with a great personality, exciting, funny, approachable, responsible and pro-active.

Lillie: I'm good at dance, helpful energetic, caring, responsible and resourceful.

Barnaby: I'm funny, with lots of energy, kind, loud, with a big personality, happy, hard-working, confident with a love of reading.

Faith: I'm quiet, I use everything I know in everything, have good ideas, love football, I'm very sporty and I'm a good role model.