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School Values

 Roselands School Values


At Roselands we believe children should be taught skills for life. Our aim is for children to become:

Independent, Collaborative and Respectful and Resilent learners.

These values were decided through consultation with students, staff and parents.

These school values underpin our curriculum and are crucial for learning to be effective. Children need to be taught the skills explicitly and need to understand how to use them effectively.


Independent Learners will:


  • Show curiosity /Ask questions
  • Make decisions
  • Show perseverance
  • Think for yourself
  • Communicate ideas
  • Take risks
  • Have confidence
  • Make connections

Collaborative Learners will:


  • Listen and respond to each other
  • Actively question/challenge others
  • Work towards a common goal
  • Ensure everyone contributes / has a role
  • Co-operate with others
  • Show patience
  • Understand how to compromise/ show tolerance

Respectful learners will:

  • Listen to others
  • Value different opinions
  • Use good manners
  • Follow the rules
  • Give positive advice
  • Appreciate differences and similarities
  • Look after their learning environment
  • Care for others
Resilient learners will:
  • Reflect on mistakes/setbacks
  • Persevere when learning is tricky
  • Are adaptable                
  • Are determined to succeed
  • Embrace challenges
  • Are ambitious
  • Are able to problem solve