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Science Week

Science week this year has been about Exploration and Discovery.    We were very lucky to have a visit from a STEM ambassador who worked in oil exploration as well as being a seismologist.  His stories of his time exploring really captivated the children's imaginations.  The children were tasked with building a structure that was secure enough to hold a magnet that could be moved over a 'prospect' in order to find oil (iron particles).  They had to work systematically and record their findings.  Once each group had their results, they came together to input their results into one large chart.  They looked for patterns and decided on the best place to 'dig for oil' in the desert.  The children asked some fantastic questions and Terry was really pleased to see them working so well cooperatively.  

What happens to cream when you shake it?


The children have been learning about states of matter in our previous unit of work so thought they knew all there was to know about liquids,  solids and gases.  Today they explored what happens to cream when it is shaken.  They were very surprised to discover that it turned into a liquid and a solid.  They knew we hadn't cooled the cream to freeze it so they had to think of other ideas as to what happened.  After some discussion, the children realised the cream had separated and they had actually made their very own butter and butter milk.