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Years 3/4

Welcome to Year 3/4.

On our page you will find out what the children have been learning each term as well as seeing some lovely photos of the children in action. 

Spring Term 2020

Spring Term - Home Learning

We would like to share some of the work that has been going on in our 'Home schools' .  Well done to everyone for all their hard work.  Keep sharing all your learning and we hope to add to this so we can celebrate your efforts.



Examples from our School work at home

Parachute to protect an egg

Still image for this video

This term, the main theme for our learning is called 'Walk on the Wildside'.  The children will be learning all about animals and their habitats and will be looking at classification as well as conduting investigations about habitats.  They will also be developing their skills as writers to show what  it might be like for animals to live in zoos.  

In computing, the children will make links with science to create branching databases to help identify animals.  They will also be developing their use of video and editing skills later in the term.

Autumn Term 2019

Making Electrical Circuits

After learning about electrical appliances and safety, the children were given some components to see if they could create a circuit to light a bulb. After many attempts, they very soon had the 'light bulb' moment!  All the children discovered how to connect the components correctly to successfully light the bulb and then applied this to other items such as motors and buzzers.  

In other Science lessons, the children made circuits using a variety of materials to test if the were insulators or conductors.  


Riviera Revival 

As part of our 'Riviera Revival' topic, the children walked to Goodrington beach to ask members of the public what they thought about the attractions in Torbay and how they could be improved.  The children came up with some great questions and asked them with confidence and exceptional manners.  The members of the public were very impressed by the children's conduct and commented on how professional they were.  

Anti-Bullying Week ~ Odd Sock Day

Today the children were invited to come to school wearing odd socks to mark the start of Anti-bullying Week 2019.  The children all understood the idea that we are all have our differences which can be celebrated.  They also discussed that, like wearing odd socks, we don't always see someone's differences but we should treat people with kindness regardless.  

Anti-bullying week ~ Odd Sock Day

Riviera Revival - Computing

This half term, the children are learning to use photos and videos along with the Green screen app on the Ipads so they create their very own film linked to our theme Riviera Revival.  

Using reader pens as part of a research study

We feel very lucky to be taking part in a research study to develop the use of assistive technology to help learning in schools.  The children have been learning how to use reader pens  and will be offering their thoughts and ideas about the pens to help improve the way in which they can be used to support children in primary schools

Reader pens ~ The 'Big Study'

Multi skills

The children in year 3 and 4 are really enjoying developing their skills so that hey can improve the quality of their play in basketball.  

Multi Skills

Science - Light and Dark


This term , the children have been testing their ideas about seeing in the dark.  At the beginning of the unit, most children thought humans could see in the dark.  However, after making a dark box and testing lots of objects (including light bulbs!), they very quickly realised that they only way they could see in the dark was if there was a light source. 

We had a great discussion about reflectors and how they work and tested lots of different materials to see which reflected the most light.  

The children also investigated shadows and discovered what objects make the best shadows as well as discovering that the closer the object is to the light source, the larger the shadow will be.  

What a super group of Scientists!  

Home learning 

What a wonderful result from our half termly home learning tasks.  Thank you to all the parents and carers for your support and encouragement to help the children create such wonderful and unique work.  


Home learning tasks

3/4 H - Tag Rugby Semi Finals

This week, some of the pupils from 3/4 H took part in a Tag Rugby Mega Fest Semi finals at PCSA.  The children got through to this round after the whole class came second in the Paignton Schools festivals a few week earlier.  The children played games against many different schools in Torbay.  They demonstrated excellent teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship.  It was a fantastic day and whilst we are not going through to the final, the children had a wonderful experience.  





Visit to Bygones


This week the children in year 3 and 4 were very lucky to take a trip out to Bygones - a museum dedicated to life in Victorian times.  Here the children were able to dress as Victorian children and our guides led us through the Victorian streets and homes explaining some of the main difference between life then and now.  The children were fascinated to learn that many of the items invented in Victorian times are still around today.