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Years 5/6

Welcome to Year 5/6


We would like to welcome you to the Year 5/6 Class Page. Here you will find general information from Year 5/6, details about what we are currently learning about and also examples of the fantastic work that is going on across Year 5/6. 

Year 5/6 Work


We would like to share examples of the work that the children in Year 5 & 6 are completing at home and also in school, across the three classes during this Summer term. We have seen some brilliant mathematics, some fantastic play scripts as well as some incredible artwork being produced throughout the summer term and we wanted to give you an insight into what we have been producing. 


We will continue to celebrate the work that is going on in Year 5/6 so please continue to share your work with your class teachers.

We hope you enjoy looking at our work.

School Learning


We have been lucky enough to have small groups of children in from all of the Year 5 and 6 classes over the last couple of the weeks. We have been completing and revising some of their learning this year whilst also completing some amazing challenges, fantastic artwork, and thinking carefully about working together and looking after each other in our bubbles. 


Below are some examples of the work we have been completing across the groups. 



Home Learning 


During this period, we have also had fantastic support and engagement with all of those children who are learning at home. We have also been so proud of how they are doing and the work that they have been producing. 


Below are some examples of the work that they have been completing and some photographs of the activities they have been getting up to.