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Roselands REPS

All year 5 & 6 pupils are encouraged to apply for a Roselands Reps job in the Autumn term.


They can choose from a range of opportunities including becoming:

  • a junior librarian;
  • a junior meal time assistant;
  • a logistics member;
  • a junior TA;
  • a sports leader;
  • an art ambassador

or they can nominate themselves to lead a new club or role of their choosing.  For example one group of children this year have chosen to start a indoor club at lunchtimes, where all children are invited to come and play board games, colour or learn to draw.


To be appointed in any of these roles the children need to express an interest in why they should be considered for the role and what qualities they have that would make them a good candidate.


The children must manage their own time and record the shifts that they have worked.  The points that they accumulate can then be spent in the Roselands Reps experiences shop.  The more points they earn, the more their reward is worth. They can then choose whether to spend or save to purchase the top rewards!