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Useful Websites

BBC Bitesize

The BBC’s Bitesize website is a real favourite with parents in our forum. It covers all areas of the curriculum, ranging from primary school level up to GCSE exams.

It’s free to use and includes animations, revision flashcards and interactive sections to help your kids learn.


Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is aimed at children aged three to 11 years old and is free to use.

It helps children learn reading and maths, and there are also top tips for parents to help your child with their learning. The site also features hundreds of free ebooks.


National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is great for children aged six to 13 years old.

It has stunning images, interactive games and colouring books, and it's a lovely site for children to learn more about animals, wildlife and the world around them.

It's free to use, but you can also subscribe to the monthly magazine with prices starting at £35 for a year.


Shaun’s Game Academy

Shaun's Game Academy is aimed at primary school children and above. Based on Aardman Animations' Shaun the Sheep character, it lets children design their own game, learn how to code and even win prizes.


Top Marks

Top Marks is aimed at children aged three to 18 years old and is an independent educational website for kids, parents and teachers.

It’s free to use and links through to useful online resources for subjects including maths, science and languages.



CBeebies has some great learning games, quizzes and a huge selection of topics to explore. You'll find educational games, fun quizzes, activity ideas, and even easy recipes for your kids to try!

Highly engaging and beautifully designed.



One for the parents to explore. Funology offers parents a great selection of kids' recipes, science experiments, magic tricks to try, games to play, as well as clever jokes and trivia.

This is the perfect website for mums and dads to consult while trying to occupy children during the school holidays (apart from Netmums, of course!)


BBC History for Kids

From famous battles to ancient wars, kids can learn all about the history of Britain, as well as other countries on this fun website.

BBC History for Kids also teaches kids about historical figures, such as Shakespeare, Napoleon Bonaparte and Martin Luther King.

They'll be mini historians in no time!



Boomerang is a highly engaging, fun and fast website, featuring kids' favourites such as Scooby-Doo and Tom and Jerry. The 'Create' section has a great selection of crafts and recipes for children to try, as well as some free colouring in pages.


Beano says its mission is 'to make rebellious, funny entertainment' – and this is exactly what the site offers. Jam-packed with videos, games, quizzes and interactive stuff to help imaginations run riot and keep kids giggling.


Sesame Street

The highly interactive Sesame Street site is a fun, safe, and educational place for kids to play and learn.

Parents can set up playlists of videos and games that even pre-readers can navigate through. Downloadable podcasts allow parents to take shows on the road, or just watch them later.


History For Kids

Let kids brush up on their global history knowledge with this easy-to-navigate website.

History For Kids is a collection of short, funny poems for children, based on stories from days gone by – the California Gold Rush, the Boston Tea Party, Ancient Greece, Vikings, and lots more!


Kids' Black History

Kids' Black History is a YouTube channel that's free to watch and it aims to cover aspects of Black history that are missed out of the national curriculum. There are videos on everything, from history to geography and languages.


Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum has a whole load of free educational resources on their site, including their try this at home section with activities for kids. Endless fun!


Tate Kids

The Tate has a bunch of educational resources for children on their Tate Kids website, including creative arts activities, games and quizzes available for free.


DK Find Out!

DK Find Out has resources on a huge range of subjects for kids, from computer coding and sports, to traditional subjects like English, maths and history.


Oak National Academy

Oak National Academy is an online free classroom, with almost 10,000 free video lessons, resources and activities, covering most subjects ranging from reception to year 11.


I'm a Puzzle

This one’s for all the puzzle fanatics!

I’m a Puzzle is home to a variety of brilliant jigsaw puzzles and games. Here, you’ll find thousands of online picture puzzles and the best part is… they’re completely free to play. 

Kids will love learning about everything from animals and art to space and sports.

You can even upload your own photos, so your child can have fun putting together a picture of themselves, or of the whole family.

What's more, puzzles are great for developing memory and problem-solving skills, making them a fantastic learning tool for little ones.