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At Roselands Primary School we teach art by following the National Curriculum and use a range of topics to support development of skills in drawing, paintings, 3D and collage and printing. Throughout each year at Roselands, children will have opportunities to explore different skills and progress from their previous learning. The units of learning enable children to build on knowledge of different visual arts, cultures and periods of time.  Children are exposed to different forms of art and can allow them to develop curiosity, questioning and expand their understanding of art and how it is created using different materials. Art is taught at least once a term and includes recapping on previous learning and practising skills based on each half termly skill.

At Roselands, we are passionate about teaching art as we believe it allows children to think creatively, work collaboratively, develop resilience and supports them to develop understanding about the world around them. Art can allow children to explore their ideas, express themselves, communicate in a variety of ways and develop independence, problem solving and reflection skills.  Through art, children develop their self- worth, self- esteem and confidence. All children participate within art lessons, both individually and in groups where collaboration is encouraged.


Every year, we have a designated arts week where the curriculum is collapsed to concentrate on the arts.  A unit of art is delivered during this week.