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Science Week: Class 11 - Life Processes

During Science week we have been looking at ‘Life Processes’ and have taken part in many activities to help the children learn about adaptation and variation.  The children went on a trip to Paignton Zoo to visit all the different animals and look at the habitats where they lived.  They learnt about the importance of camouflage for the animals’ survival in the wild.  We also had some visitors from Dartmoor Zoo and Coombe Pafford School where the children were given the opportunity to hold some of the unusual creatures such as cockroaches, millipedes, geckos and snakes.  To help the children learn about camouflage we took them on a visit to the local woods where they had to hunt for different coloured ‘worms’.  The children discovered that they found all the brightly coloured worms first and eventually began to find the more natural colours as they were so well camouflaged.  Within class the children have also been very creative making their own animal masks, carefully trying to re-create the patterns of specific animals. The children have had a great time this week!