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Road Building Workshop

On 1st July some of our children from Years 3, 4 and 5 took part in a Road Building Workshop that was organised by the construction company GallifordTry. After being given an overview of the South Devon Link Road project, the children worked alongside children from other schools to experience a circus of practical activities that helped them learn about different aspects of road building. 
In one session the children had to build paper bridges and test them to see how much weight their bridges would hold. All the bridges were tested by attaching a bucket into which sand was poured. Amazingly, our bridges held 8kg and 6kg of sand before they broke.  Another activity involved creating parachutes to protect eggs that were being dropped from a platform. Next the children got to make a concrete lintel which was reinforced with a steel bar. They also experimented with making a concrete archway. Finally the children learnt all about the role of a civil engineer. They built towers of bricks and used a theodolite which is a special tool to check whether their towers were level.