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i Orchestra 2015

The children from the Performing Arts club were given the fantastic opportunity to experience the sensation of stepping inside an orchestra through the Philharmonia Orchestra Universe of Sound, the Music Lab and the Schools concert at The Princess Theatre, Torquay.  The Universe of Sound was based on Holst’s music The Planets and was a large-scale walk through experience where the children, via giant projection could conduct the orchestra, join in and play instruments for different sections of the piece. They also could listen to different sections of the orchestra such as brass, woodwind and strings as they walked around the marquee. The Music Lab was an amazing experience where the children had the chance to play a Cello, French Horn, Clarinet, sing in a sound recording booth and use ipads to create their own music and instrumental experience. The event finale was a live concert at the Princess Theatre with the actual Philharmonia Orchestra playing pieces from Carman, Beethovens 5th Symphony and The Planets. A great time was had a by all from this fantastic opportunity.