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Special Educational Needs and Disability is always a priority at Roselands Primary School. All staff and the Governing Body are highly committed to inclusion and the principles and aims that are outlined in our SEND policy. We work hard to ensure that 

provision is made for those who need it and that all children are given the opportunities to be the best that they can. 


All children receive a wide range of balanced learning opportunities in order that they can achieve the highest of standards. Class teachers and support staff differentiate and personalise the curriculum to meet the range of needs and abilities of all SEN children in their classes. Within the context of a secure and caring environment we also aim for the children to develop independence and responsibility.


Our school SENCo (Special Educational Needs  & Disability Co-ordinator) is Miss Hannah Dillon.  She has dedicated time each week to support children and families. If you would like to see Miss Dillon, an appointment can be made with her through our school admin office or contacted on 525375.

Please click the PDFs and links below to view information regarding Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. 


Please email:   if you would like to request any of the policies in a different format.

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What our parents say about SEN provision at Roselands School


“Without the excellent support that my child’s 1:1 has given her she would not have made the progress that she has.”


“Thank you to all the staff that have helped my child whilst he has been at your school. He has been happy and well looked after and always included in everything. He loves coming. ”


“We have been pleased with how our child has settled into your school and think that he is now happy and making friends.”


“The headteacher is always approachable and listens to us when we have concerns.”


“My child has been able to blossom with the support that the class teacher  has given her. I know that she is in safe hands every day when she goes to school and that has been such a comfort.”