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As a multi academy trust, our governance structure has three main levels. We have members at the top who hold overall responsibility for the trust, we then have a board of trustees and finally our local governing body at school level.

The role of the trustees is to set the strategic direction for the trust; to hold school leaders to account for improving performance and to make sure that money is well spent.

The local governing body is responsible for monitoring standards and school improvement within their school. They hold school leaders to account and report back to the trustees.
At Roselands Primary School, our Local Governing body meets regularly throughout the school year and governors will often spend time in the school to monitor school improvement and standards at a local level.
"Governing bodies are the key strategic decision makers in every school and a key part of the overall system of school accountability. They have a vital role to play in driving up school and pupil performance and ensuring every child receives the best possible education."


See for more details on the role of governors.

Minutes of all trustees and governors' meetings are kept and are available to view on request.


Simon Lee - Parent Governor (Chair of Governors)

Responsibilities: Governance

Term of Office: 10/6/16 - 10/5/20

Pecuniary Interests: None   |   Meetings attended: 100%



I was a parent governor between 2011 and 2014 and returned to the role in 2016. Having recently been elected as Chair, I feel privileged to work with governors so passionate about maintaining high standards at Roselands. My two children aged 7 and 3 are my inspiration, as I am a firm believer that better education leads to better opportunities in their journey through life.

I am a serving Police Officer and like to think my relevant strengths lie in leadership, communication and safeguarding young people. I work closely with the Head of School to ensure Roselands is performing well and I also represent Roselands as part of the Multi-academy Trust (MaT).



Mel Simmonds Parent Governor (Vice Chair of Governors)

Responsibilities: Pupil Premium, English

Term of Office: 10/6/16 - 10/5/20

Pecuniary Interests: None   |   Meetings attended: 100%



It gives me an enormous sense of pride and privilege to serve as a parent governor at Roselands Primary School.


I feel passionately that schools have an important role to play alongside parents in ensuring our young people reach their true potential and become kind, confident, happy and self-assured members of society.


My own daughter was a pupil of Roselands Primary School until 2017 when she then moved to Grammar School. She flourished at Roselands and maximised her true potential not only because of the passion and commitment demonstrated by her teachers but also the fantastic student community and peer groups that existed around her and that she integrated with. As a governor, I now have an opportunity to give something back.


I have undertaken several very pleasurable visits to the school since becoming a governor and have enjoyed the assemblies I have attended and the lessons I have observed. On every visit the students have made me feel a welcome member of their community and I have seen first hand how well embedded the values are that see students at Roselands develop into independent, collaborative and reflective learners.


Professionally I am a serving police officer working as a Chief Inspector in the Call Management and Communications Unit. Throughout my career I have worked with many different communities and have developed skills and expertise around leadership, safeguarding, and identifying and responding to vulnerability. I believe this will aid me in working with the young people at Roselands as well as their parents, teachers and my fellow governors.



Chris O'Connor - Staff Governor (Head of School)

Responsibilities: Leadership & Management 

Term of Office: 1/9/17 - Ongoing

Pecuniary Interests: None   |   Meetings attended: 100%



Vicky McCaig - Staff Governor 

Responsibilities: Curriculum

Term of Office: 2/7/15 - 1/7/19

Pecuniary Interests: None   |   Meetings attended: 100%



Cheryl Harlock - Staff Governor 

Responsibilities: SEND

Term of Office: 12/11/15 - 1/7/19

Pecuniary Interests: None   |   Meetings attended: 100%



Jane Smythe - Co-opted Governor

Responsibilities: Safeguarding

Term of Office: 2/7/15 - 1/7/19

Pecuniary Interests: None   |   Meetings attended: 100%


I have 35 years’ experience in education, much of it spent as a primary teacher, deputy head and head.  Although I have now retired, I still feel passionately about making a positive difference to the lives of local children. I feel I have relevant skills and knowledge to offer the pupils, staff and parents of Roselands as a governor. My particular responsibility is around safeguarding, a vitally important part of ensuring the safety and security of our children.



Ian Weller - Parent Governor


Term of Office:  8/2/18 - 8/2/22

Pecuniary Interests: None   |   Meetings attended: 100%



David Reid - Co-opted Governor

Responsibilities: Health and Safety

Term of Office: 13/7/17 - 7/12/21

Pecuniary Interests: None   |   Meetings attended: 100%



I joined the governing body at the end of the academic year in July last year. In my short time a governor, I have had the pleasure of spending a morning with the children of Roselands. This was an amazing experience and gave me an insight into the culture of Roselands and the focus and passion that the teaching staff demonstrated was outstanding. The children who I met and interacted with were wonderful and showed a real desire to learn, and share their learning experiences.


I have an 11 year old daughter who this year started secondary school, after spending 7 years at Oldway primary school, which is part of the Multi Academy Trust, with Roselands Primary.


I am a store manager for a national retailer in Torquay. I have 30 years of management experience working with people in a variety of locations and business. This has given me a range of skills and knowledge which well help me support the governing body, to deliver a high quality education for the children of Roselands Primary school.





Information about the Local Governing Body at Roselands can now be accessed via our new website for the Riviera Primary Academy Trust.  


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