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Meet the Governors

As a multi academy trust, our governance structure has three main levels. We have members at the top who hold overall responsibility for the trust, we then have a board of trustees and finally our local governing body at school level.


The role of the trustees is to set the strategic direction for the trust; to hold school leaders to account for improving performance and to make sure that money is well spent.


The local governing body is responsible for monitoring standards and school improvement within their school. They hold school leaders to account and report back to the trustees.

At Roselands Primary School, our Local Governing body meets regularly throughout the school year and governors will often spend time in the school to monitor school improvement and standards at a local level.

"Governing bodies are the key strategic decision makers in every school and a key part of the overall system of school accountability. They have a vital role to play in driving up school and pupil performance and ensuring every child receives the best possible education."

See Roselands Local Standards Board for more details on the role of governors.

Minutes of all trustees and governors' meetings are kept and are available to view on request.