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Sports Day

The morning was a huge success with children from all year groups working as a team to earn points in a range of activities. It was so lovely to see and hear the wonderful team spirit from each team. Well done to all the children who worked extremely hard whilst enjoying themselves. Congratulations to the Violet team this year who were crowned the overall winners. At lunch time, children, staff and families all enjoyed their picnic lunch on the field. There was a lovely relaxed atmosphere as you walked around and it was great to see so many families and friends enjoying themselves. Huge thanks to the members of the PSA who gave up some of their time to sell refreshments throughout the day. The proceeds from this will be spent on PE equipment and equipment for the children to enjoy at playtime. In the afternoon, the children took part in the competitive races. These are always full of excitement and show the determination and dedication of all the children. Massive congratulations to everyone who entered one of these races. Thank you to everyone for your support throughout the day.