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Physical Education

Physical Education

The Physical Education curriculum at Roselands Primary school is constructed to be ambitious and provide all pupils with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and the need to enable them to have the foundations to succeed in life and physical health and activity. 

The curriculum is skills based in design, to allow it to be progressive throughout the school, allowing for skill acquisition to be built and developed across the curriculum. Skills that are developed throughout the curriculum will underpin the foundations of each individual child and allow for the skills and movement to be transferred across a range of activities and sports.  Collaborative activities will be built into the curriculum to allow for opportunities to develop team cohesion as well as nurture the social skills that will be fostered throughout the school. Pupils will develop their cognitive skills, understanding how to improve their own performance by developing a reflective culture throughout the environment, allowing for opportunities to self-reflect as well as reflect on peers.  All pupils will be stretched and encouraged to embrace challenge within PE in a safe and constructive environment. Pupils will be able to reflect on the changes and developments to their own body when exercising and how the lifelong engagement in sport and activities can support their wellbeing and the ability to live a healthy life.

As pupils progress through the key stages they will follow the Real PE curriculum alongside a broad range of sporting activities throughout the school. There are diverse opportunities to explore sport and physical education in a range of local settings such as beach and forest school to supplement the traditional sports that will be provided throughout Roselands. There are continual opportunities for pupils to challenge themselves and others within lessons, extra-curricular clubs, intra house competitions and sports festivals, inter school team events and School Games events. Our curriculum aims to improve the well-being and fitness of all children at Roselands, not only through the skills taught, but through enjoyment and the underpinning values and disciplines PE promotes.