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Torbay and Devon Civic Award

In year 6, all children have the opportunity to take part in the Torbay and Devon Civic Award.  This recognises children in year 6 as active citizens who make a positive impact to their school and home community.  Other requirements to achieve the award include taking part in a hobby, a residential and raising money towards a chosen cause or charity.

The South Devon & Torbay presentations were held at St Cuthbert Mayne Secondary School on the evening of Wednesday 12th July and saw around 230 Year 6 students from 16 primary schools presented with the prestigious Torbay and Devon Civic Award certificate at a this very special ceremony.

The event was presented by Karen Thomson, Award Founder and co-ordinator, who spoke to the children about taking the values of the award into their secondary schools and into their lives.

The event commenced with a welcoming introduction from Sam Toohey, Assistant headteacher of St Cuthbert Mayne School, along with valuable support from James Down (Headteacher) and Suzanne Kingdon (Deputy Head Teacher).

Certificates were presented by Councillor Hannah Stevens, Torbay Council Deputy Mayor, accompanied by her consort Ian Stevens.