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Computing and Online Safety



At Roselands Primary School, we recognise that technology has a significant role in today’s society and through providing rich, deep learning experiences seek to develop ‘computational thinking’ where our pupils are the digital creators of tomorrow. Whilst ensuring pupils understand the advantages and disadvantages associated with online experiences, we want children to develop into respectful, responsible and confident users of technology, aware of measures that can be taken to keep themselves and others safe online.

At Roselands Primary School the children will learn computing through the following strands: 


  • Programming and Algorithms- Allowing children to understand what algorithms are; progressing to creating and debugging programmes requiring algorithms to achieve a specific goal. This includes using algorithms that allow for repetition and variable actions within a sequence of instructions.


  • Information and Communication Technology- Through the use of a range of software (including Google Docs, Slides and Sheets), children will be able to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital information. This progresses to using software to present information in a range of ways and to analyse and evaluate information collected and the usage of software. 


  • Digital Literacy-  Children will recognise the common uses of information technology outside of school and understand how computer networks (including the internet) and the opportunities they offer for communication and collaboration.


  • Technological Design-  Children will use software to design items to achieve a specific goal or brief.

 Through these strands, our aim is to provide a computing curriculum that is designed to balance acquiring a broad and deep knowledge alongside opportunities to apply skills in various digital contexts. Beyond teaching computing discreetly, we will give pupils the opportunity to apply and develop what they have learnt across wider learning in the curriculum.

Computing Overview


Below you can see our computing long term plan, showing what is taught and when.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child's class teacher.