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Winter Olympics Challenge 2021


Having enjoyed a fun Virtual Sports Day in the summer we thought that we could bring everyone together once more and hold a Winter Olympics Challenge.


You may be wondering “what is the Winter Olympics?”  Like the Summer Olympics it is a big sporting event that normally takes place every four years.  Athletes from all over the world come together to compete against each other.  There are 15 different events and you can watch a video of some of them here.

2018 Winter Olympic Surprise Finishes Video Clip


Our Winter Olympics is an opportunity to take part in a series of physical challenges and compete for your class against other classes for fun, certificates and overall victory in the competition.  We want as many people to get involved as possible during the challenge so this event is not only for our children but also parents and teachers.


How does the Winter Olympics work?

    Watch the introductory video Introduction

    There are 10 challenges altogether.  We will release a few challenges each week.

    The idea is to have lots of attempts/practice at each challenge recording your best effort.  Use the hints and tips videos to help you perform the challenges correctly.  Videos of each challenge can be found on the school website Winter Olympic Challenges

    There is a warm up video for you to follow to make sure you are ready for exercise. Winter Olympic Warm Up

    You do not have to complete them all but the more challenges you complete the more points you gain for your class.

    You do not need to complete all of the challenges in order, or on one day, but the aim is to complete as many as possible over the 3 week event.

    Some of the challenges are about how long you can do something or how far.  Some are about the maximum number you can do.

    Each submitted entry contributes points to your class score.

    There are points and certificates for the top performances in each year group along with a chance to share your achievements with us.

    Parents and teachers are invited to enter too and can submit their results online.  Which class can get the most parents involved?  Once you have completed all the challenges that you want to do, submit your results by taking a photo or screenshot of your results sheet and send it to .

    There is a score sheet that you can download and print to help you keep track of your scores.  If not don’t worry just note them down on some paper making sure your name and class is clearly visible.

    We would love to see you taking part in the challenges so send us your action photos to  You might even want to send us a pic of you dressed for the snow!  (Please don’t exercise all wrapped up.)


Please help spread the word and get as many people participating in the Winter Olympics Challenge as possible.


Good luck everyone and have FUN!

Mrs K. Waring