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Year 3 and 4 Open Air Egyptian Museum

Yet again, our amazing Year 3 and 4 children have made us feel very proud by planning, designing and presenting information in fun and informative ways for our Open-Air Ancient Egyptian Musuem.  Since their visit to Torquay Museum, the children have been very busy coming together to decide what exhibitions they would like to make for a museum.  Getting all 90 children together in the hall to discuss ideas was a fascinating process where children have to cooperate, put forward their ideas and in many cases learn to compromise.  All of this stood them in good stead when it cam to planning their section of the museum.  Everything that went on display in their museum was planned, designed and carried out by the children themselves.  

We were overwhelmed by the number of family members who turned up to experience every part of the children's museum.  Thank you to all our school families who gave up their time to support our children and all the lovely comments and feedback.